Mar 17

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Mar 17

Free Php Backlink Script, Generate Unlimted High PR Backlinks Full Automated

Tired of building backlinks yourself? Let my free php backlink script generate your websites backlinks full automated! Use it on your own server and modify it to your own needs. Are you building a big fully automated autoblogger script yourself, and you only need a php script to automate your backlink generation? To give your generated autoblogs some instant backlinks? Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12

What is Fantomas Spiderspy ?

Fantomas Spiderspy

Most people don’t know what Fantomas Spiderspy is. That is because most internet marketing people don’t use cloaking techniques. And don’t earn a lot of money online ;)

Simply said : It is just a spider bot ip list service.
Fantomaster’s Spiderspy keeps and updated list of all the spider bots that exist, and it updated every 6 hours.

This Spiderspy IP list is used in Website Cloaking Scripts to Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12

My Free Website Cloaking Php Script For Fantomaster Spiderspy Ip List

make money with website cloaking

Make Money with Website Cloaking

Every day after the panda update, I see more and more cloaking sites appearing in Google’s listings. A lot of my auto generated websites where banned by Google, or where kicked back by something like a -50 penalty. Even some of my completely white hat hand written websites where suffering penalties… I was really getting sick of seeing those very basic cloaking websites hitting the top results more and more.

Then I decided : OK Google if Cloaking is what you you can get it! I analyzed the websites which where cloaking, and started to build a script exactly like those cloaking websites.

I never did cloaking before, but the I realized the most important thing Read the rest of this entry »